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If you want your scale models rusted & weathered nothing does it better than Rustall

Rustall is an easy to use rust & weathering product. First patented in 1991, It is an easy to use four step weathering wash process designed to simulate a random, natural rust effect on scale model tanks, model trains, trackside junk, scale autos or trucks and one inch scale miniatures.

Rustall will simulate rust on styrene, metal, cast resin and even paper.

The Rustall rust & weathering system is non corrosive, non flammable, dries fast and won't craze plastic models. It requires no special equipment to produce professional results and cleans up with soap and water.

The Rustall set contains four, two ounce bottles. All two ounce bottles from the set are available separately.

Check out our Rust & Weathering Gallery images to see what Rustall can do.

If you have any questions about Rustall or weathering in general feel free to contact us.

Rustall retail and wholesale orders ship worldwide by air.

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